Every Journey Begins With A Step…Which Way

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Laozi

I have been thinking about the beginning of my journey and which direction to go on day one. I ask myself where do you want to end up this time next year. I hate to call this a resolution because I typically do not do those but commonly set goals throughout the year. Most deal with fitness or career. Not this time.

I want to apply for a fellowship in November which means I need at least 6 completed art pieces by then. I also want to finish a project I started 5 years ago and set aside. But more importantly I want to just create consistently.

With these objectives in mind I am ready to set out. The first obstacle is my studio.  Not a very inspiring place right now. We added it about 10 years. The last few years it has become the “junk” room filled with music stuff and larger items I wanted to get out of the way.

I am a pack rat as I find all art teachers are with the mind set of free supplies. I find items like wadded up brown paper and think, treasure maps; potato and onion sacks make great textures and cream cheese containers hold lots of paint. Guess where I store them.

Now that I have a rough map of where to go with this it is time to get off the couch and take a step.



4 thoughts on “Every Journey Begins With A Step…Which Way

  1. January 1st and the studio is about 85% done. The rest will wait for some storage containers and besides I am suddenly filling creative. Photos to follow.


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